Motomitsu Kurushima
I'll call you pal...


Drinks from The Master, Ryu Sasakura's drinks, and himself, his granddaughter, Miwa Kurushima, his deceased wife, in otherwords Miwa's Grandmother, and Sake. [1]


Bad drinks, drinks that don't taste like those made by The Master, the employees, and possibly the Lapin Bar itself.


Bar Critiquer


Miwa Kurushima (granddaughter), Miwa's Grandmother (ex-wife, deceased)


70's - 90's, as preferenced as drinking at a bar after World War II. [2]

Motomitsu Kurushima is the grandfather of Miwa Kurushima.


Motomitsu and his girlfriend
Motomitsu is quite short. He wears a small kimono, with a coat worn ontop of it. Whenever Motomitsu walks, he has to hold a cane for support. He has short hear, and combs it back. He has his eyes squinted most of the time, reflecting his wrinkles.
Motomitsu drinking
When he was younger, he would visit a bar with his girlfriend (later wife, and grandmother of Miwa), to have a drink made by "the master". He claims that the master made the best drinks he ever tasted, until he died. It wasn't until he met Ryū Sasakura, a bartender that is best known for his "glass of god", that he had a drink that was just as good. The people at the "Lapin Bar" are afraid of him, due to the fact that he thinks that all drinks from there are terrible; this feedback being bad for the bar, as he is a critic like his granddaughter.

At some point, Motomitsu met Miwa's Grandmother. Sometime later, presumably after marriage, he took her to a bar after World War II, where he shared a drink with her made by The Master. After his wife's death, and the death of The Master, he never looked up to a drink that wasn't made with such quality. Until present day, being an old man, Ryū Sasakura is the only bartender that has made a drink with the same quality as The Master.


Miwa KurushimaEdit

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Miwa Kurushima

Miwa Kurushima

Miwa is the granddaughter of Motomitsu. Like him, she is a bar taster. In chapter two, Motomitsu claimed that Miwa reminded him of her grandmother, in otherwords, his former wife.

Ryu SasakuraEdit

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Ryuu served Motomitsu the best drink he has had since "The Master" had died. Ever since then, Ryu has earned the right of being called "pal" by Motomitsu.


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